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Terms & Conditions


Payment can be done by credit cards, debit cards, or money transfer. No cash accepted. Late rental payment will be penalized.

Visitors need to provide a picture ID when entering property. For the convenience of other residents, we don't allow visitors at the property after 10 PM.

Additional guest in a room or apartment need to be informed to the management. Only certain rooms and apartments can have additional guest. Extra charge will be applied for additional guest.

This is a non smoking residence. Smoking inside the rooms is not permitted. Smoking allowed only at the balconies or open air areas of the property.

No pets allowed in the property.

Cooking is not allowed in every Guest Room. We provides a public pantry for the Guest Room residents to use.

Parkings reserved for the residents only. Washing vehicles in the parking areas and property is not permitted.


Daily cleaning service starts from 10 AM to 3 PM (for the Guest Rooms). Daily cleaning service is off during public holidays.

Daily laundry will be collected every morning and returned afternoon the next day.  During Idul Fitri holiday, daily laundry service is off.

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